I could not let this last week of Christmas end (I’m a few days late) without acknowledging the “miracle” that took place at this gold house in December:  I wallpapered.  But, there’s a plot twist…so hang on.

I was set on grasscloth for my foyer.  I think it’s pretty timeless and warm/welcoming?  I remember seeing a pic on the MLS of this house in Tchefuncte that I loved, and it had a grasscloth foyer.  And, I’ve seen it in several bathrooms.


One of my favorite foyers-TCC Estates
A bathroom with grasscloth

So, I went for the real deal.  Paper that required pasting although the peel and stick alternative did score points because maybe it would be easier to apply?

I picked out a silvery, taupe grasscloth from Ballard Designs.

When it came in, I swooned over it for several days until I realized I had to hang the stuff.  My mom kept telling me…hire a professional.  DON’T TRY TO DO IT YOURSELF.  But, who listens to their mom?

A little shimmery grasscloth does a foyer good!

I looked at it for a few weeks as it hung out in my dining room, and I kept telling myself this cannot be that hard to install.  I’m an art minor, and I took an entire class in college on using an exacto knife.  This is glue and paper.  I’ve got this.  I watched a ten minute You Tube video and went truckin’ to Lowe’s to get some supplies-glue, exacto knife, a smoother thing, couldn’t find a brush like the one in the video so I grabbed a paint roller, then I stopped at Aquistapace’s for wine, and I had all of the supplies I needed to get the job done.

The first sheet I cut was too short-whoops!  Multi-tasking got the best of me.  Next!  Cut one the correct length, and as I started hanging it, the dog decided it would be a great time to try and jump in and “help.”   So I had to stop, lock the dang dog up, and hope the glue wasn’t drying.  I got the hubs involved doing some holding and straightening and then slightly removing and reworking until his patience started to wear…so he ditched Me and my glass of wine were left holding the bag. I hung two sheets and then decided I was tapping out on day one.

Libba really tried to put this piece up; not me…lol

This is some heavy stuff, and I guess I didn’t adhere it to the wall enough, and it kind of started slipping and got a little crooked, but it started to dry so I couldn’t fix it the way I wanted to, and then I couldn’t stand looking at it because I knew it was slightly flawed, so I ripped it down.  It was, excuse me, but….a shit show.

So, there she sat-the foyer-with those two glorious strips of wallpaper…and a wall with remnants of a piece that had seen better days.  And, she sat, and she sat until it was go time….two weeks before Christmas.  We had visitors coming in town, not enough stress in my life, so time to crank it up and really start taking on too much.  I forgot to mention that besides my foyer, I also bought wallpaper for one wall in the dining room….some leopard print…rarrrhhh!  So, I needed to get the foyer project back up as well as the dining room right before Christmas.  Time to call in the professionals.  A few calls later, Donna, the wallpaper whisperer, came into my life, and I hope she stays forever!!

Donna the wallpaper whisperer at work!

She was magical: an angel that came floating in, even on Christmas Eve morning, to finish!  She has thirty seven years experience hanging wallpaper.  Foyers, living rooms, bathrooms, you name it–she’s done it. She is AMAZING and quick.  I sat in awe and would watch her work, trying to pick up a few pointers here and there (which I did and might one day put to good use?) She had her share of wallpaper horror stories-flocked wallpaper, big flowers, husbands that came home to a newly wall papered living room and hated it and said, “Tear it down.”  She explained to me how to wallpaper behind a toilet because I asked, and it’s probably what ever needs to know, right?

Donna was a blessing-a miracle worker-who came in and saved the walls on Kiskatom Lane right in time for Christmas.  She packed up her bucket of adhesive at about noon on Christmas Eve, and, poof, just like Mary Poppins, she was gone!

I’m still working on both rooms so I will publish some good pics after I finishing cleaning up from Christmas, which could be sometime mid-March by the rate I am going.  Here is one pic…

Some of the finished product can be seen behind me!

Bahhhaaaaa….And, Donna is coming back in two weeks to finish the other side of the foyer.  We couldn’t get to that side in time, and I considered taking another whirl at it myself just for fun, but I can’t seem to get to my computer these nights and get on You Tube to watch how to wallpaper corners because my kids are watching Dude Perfect??, how to make glitter slime, and some little blonde girl who does gymnastics.  So, maybe that’s a sign.

Again, kudos to Donna!  I’m so thankful, grateful to have this resource!  I’ll share her info. as soon as my walls are done..HA! ‘Kidding-please e-mail or message me if you are considering some wallpapering.  I’d love to share her information so that she can help others!

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