Oh, I am very disturbed….by my own self.  I was sitting down the other day to organize the 500 files on my desktop, and I came across a rough draft of my last thisgoldhouse.com post, and it was from….drumroll….March?  Oh, that is sad.  I’m probably down to one follower-my mom.  But, that’s cool.

So for that one person out there reading, I have a huge announcement to make: I’m pregnant.  No, kidding.  I’m not.  Okay, here it is for real this time: This gold house is no longer gold!!!!

This is huge news in the blogosphere, I know….and I just might break the internet today with this post.  I am a little sad, though, as I write this because I am realizing that this gold house is not going to look as frightful this Halloween.  I just love Halloween, and I love all things scary.  I’m sure last Halloween we frightened many of the neighbors as the orange Halloween pumpkins clashed against the bright yellow gold exterior. I do think I heard one trick or treater screaming as he ran from the front door.  Wait, I don’t even think I decorated for Halloween last year because it was scary enough?


So, this spring/summer, I decided to weigh whether or not take a family vacation or get the house exterior painted?  Hmmm….vacation appears to be a good choice until you really, really think about it over four glasses of wine at night and realize that you’re going to sleep in a crappy hotel bed with one of your kids for five nights, eat a chicken leg  from a concession stand in an amusement park….every night, pay for a bunch of souvenirs they’ll forget about in a day, come home mentally and physically exhausted from the travel and lack of sleep….so I went with the less of the exhausting options (so I thought).  WE PAINTED this gold house.


I say we, but let’s get real.   Thomas and I were there in spirit every day of the process, but we left the painting gig to the professionals: Mr. Howard and his team.  Otherwise, Thomas and I would probably be in divorce court right now because we make a horrible, laughable home improvement team, fighting over the ladder and who edges better (that would be me).

Picking the color

This process kind of became like naming a baby…so many choices, and you don’t want to make a mistake because it’s gonna stick around for a long time.  You want something classic, not too cutesy…something pretty, not trendy.

But unlike baby names, I had no “favorites.”  I knew I wanted white so I just had to do some narrowing down of the thousands of colors.  OR, take the easier route and drive the neighborhood and ask people what color they chose.  I had no idea how protective people are about color.  I heard stories from friends about people protecting their house colors like the Bush’s baked beans secret family recipe!  But, I get it.  Sometimes people search for months, trying to come up with the perfect shades and go through sample after sample and probably don’t want a freeloader like me swooping in and say, hey, slide me your paint color so I don’t have to do the work and my house can look just as good.

I did do some recon work in the subdivision and found a fantastic looking house, and just rolled down my window and asked the nice gentleman outside what the paint color was.  He had no problem giving it up, and boom, that’s what I went with.

The Painting

If picking the color was like name the baby, painting the house was like birthing the baby.  We were so excited to see what she was going to look like…and a little scared shitless too because there was the possibility she was going to look like an ugly uncle or something.

The painting began-back of the house first to make sure the color was okay.  And, if not we could make a mad dash to the paint store for some intervention. We’d nervously peek outside with one eye closed to see how it was coming along.  After day one, she was developing nicely.  Day two, the real game changer came:  the front.

I documented most of it for this blog and pics are below if you’re not snoring and bored to death by reading this yet.


The white color looked great, but then, the baby birthing got stalled when I heard two of the most terrifying words lately:  ACCENT COLOR.

Shutters.  What accent color?  What about the funky lumber beams that were stained dark brown?  Paint those an accent color?  Leave them? What about the lumber beams over the windows?  And the lumber beams under the two-story windows?  Same as exterior?  Different?  An accent color? Leave them alone?

Oh, lerd!  Someone just give me the epidural and a drink.  This was exhausting.  My first reaction was let’s go for that Rosemary Beach look with the whites and browns…I love that!  Uhhhhh….but, as you can see below…that was not the vibe we were getting with leaving the brown.



Howard said the Beau Chene brown had to go.  We nervously gave him the go ahead to mess with the face of our baby and start sampling different colors in different spots.  I think I made fifteen phone calls to my poor mother-in-law, an amazing designer in Florida.  I sent her endless pictures at all times of the day to show how it looked in different light, etc.  I mean, this really was our baby…and we wanted to get it right.  I look back now and laugh at the ridiculousness and how I stressed.  I’m an idiot.  In the end, I think it turned out pretty lovely.


The Painting Aftermath

Once the entire exterior was complete, it was like a scene from the Wizard of Oz….the scene where the house crushes the wicked witch and all of the munchkins finally come out of hiding?  It was like we had crushed the big ugly, and the neighbors came out of the woodworks in droves, walking down the street, shaking our hands, thanking us, for doing what they wanted to do themselves…paint this gold house.   The group of runners who come by everyday–one of them fell in the ditch as he cranked his head to see the “new do” (most likely in awe and disbelief).

I kind of felt like a superhero for a day or two, like we had just saved the universe and contributed to the betterment of society.  It was a good feeling and money well spent.  No regrets at all…and free colors and advice to anyone out there who wants to take on this exterior painting journey.  It has been a game-changer at out house.  The house feels newer, fresher, bigger, nicer…and this one project has become a catalyst for future and additional changes on the interior.


In fact, this might be more frightening than a pack of painted zombies this Halloween:  I’m going to start wallpapering–whooo hoo-BY MYSELF.  I have a lot of experience: NONE!  Suggestions? Advice?  Warnings?  I just love a challenge and thought this would be good project to take on as the holidays approach, and everyone’s stressed out, and I’ve changed all of my eating habits to include little to no wine or carbs. All sounds like a recipe for most likely disaster so can’t wait to fill you in on how it’s going!

Sara Daniel is a multi-million dollar real estate producer with a mission to change the real estate industry one transaction at a time through selflessness, integrity, empowerment, education and humor.  Her goal is to make the experience of buying and selling real estate successful and enjoyable, concentrating on each person’s unique goals and timelines while providing unparalleled service.  If you know of someone looking to buy or sell real estate who could benefit from Sara’s unique approach,  please contact her at 985.400.9072.

4 thoughts on “Halloween won’t be as scary at this gold house this year…

    1. Thank you! Trying to show others that a little renovation can be fun and bring big changes!! We love our house but more importantly this fabulous subdivision!!!


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