This was a rough week.  Not just one of those:  ”Wow, I have no groceries, no clean clothes, need to clean the house, have tons of work, kids has school projects..” kind of week…(these are becoming more of the norm).

But, this was a week where I had to go deep—deep into the mind and soul of Sara D.  Anyone have a relatable experience??  Or, was I the only nut job pondering the meaning of life while walking the golf course paths in Beau Chene? The topic running through my mind (a light one, indeed!!):  What the heck am I supposed to be doing in life?  Why did God put me here on this earth?  What’s my purpose?

Did God put me here to be a real estate agent?  No.  Not at all.  So what am I doing??

Well, after deep thinking, breathing, reassessing, stepping in some dog poop along the way…I got down to thinking about what are my strengths, my talents, what can I give?  And, am I living my life in a purposeful way?

I think so?  I’m at least trying…I think God gave me the gift of humor, along with the ability to bring comfort and joy, and honesty….in a broken world where people need all of the above, right (Sara looking for self-affirmation here…ha!)?

I try and bring those gifts into my real estate practice, and it’s the main reason why I write this blog—to bring humor (hopefully) and honesty and quite possibly comfort and joy into someone’s life.  As I tell all of my friends, hang out with me long enough, and you’re going to feel so much better about your own life when you realize I can probably top every bad or sad story you have to tell.

But, when I have these deep moments which unfortunately don’t come often enough, I take time to dream…and yeah it’s about the deep stuff, but you know the fun artificial stuff starts creeping in too, which I think is fine and fun and healthy…like wow…I think I’m here on earth to make people laugh, and I laughed so hard at that kid in the hotel kitchen this weekend (while we were at the state soccer tournament) who made the self-making pancake machine blow up!

I really, really, really want one of those for my kitchen!!  I do.  Not sure if they are available to the general public, but it would be on my wish list for my dream house.  Insert batter.  Press a button.  Pancakes come out.  Everyone has breakfast.  Viola.



What else?  If money and budget were not an issue, what would you put in your “dream home” today?  Immediately?  Some of the things on my wishlist:

-A bathroom door that automatically locks behind me and stays locked for an hour.  No kids following me into the shower or bathroom ever again, asking me where their underwear is!!!  Hip-hip hooray!!

-The washer that washes two loads at once.

-Automatic wine dispensing machine/station.  I found one for $5,000!!!  These things are awesome!!!  Horrible to install next to your bed?  Probably so?



-Some antique, architecturally beautifully cypress doors.

-A door bell that plays spa music.

-Fake grass!  Yes!  I want a yard full of fake grass-astor turf or that stuff they now sell at Lowe’s.   No yard to cut ever again-it always looks good.  No bugs?  Not sure about that.  But, bring it on!!

-La Cornue range.  It’s adorable, so chic looking and might inspire me to do some cooking?b2bf80575d19c929cab2ad555a0d6b38

-Fantastic local art (give me names, places, please if you’re into this, too).  I know French Mix and Niche carry local artists that do some great modern, fun, beautiful work.

-European bed linens from Hestia.  Bye, bye Bed, Bath and Beyond. I want luxury!  Oh, love, love, love Hestia!!  Need these sheets on my bed. I think I will sleep better, seriously.


-Some signage.  I was in my sweet friend’s house, and she is just awesome-an awesome person, mom, friend.  She has a sign in her house that says “This house is built on love and shenanigans.”  Yes!  Want it. Need it.  Want to put it by my front door as a reminder to my family every day to live, laugh, love to your best ability!


Okay, so feel free to talk me in or out of some of the things I put on my list for my dream house.  Would love the feedback.  Yall tell me, now, if some of this stuff is already on the market and I’ve been living under a rock? (Reminder:  I have to tell you about the Best Buy Geek Squad dude who told me I was still living in the 80s-another topic for another blog).

Tell me what’s on your list?  Pretty things?  Things that make life easier?  Stupid, random things? Fun things that bring you enjoyment?  It’s fun to dream-it costs us nothing. It takes us to far away places and spaces that we sometimes need to visit to clear the mind and soul and set priorities for the checkbook…wink, wink!   Love to you all.  Sara

4 thoughts on “What would you put in your dream home?

  1. I would love love love about 1,000 more square feet and an exterior, soundproof, building that was protected with retinal scan entry exclusive to me. Basically they would have to rip my eyes from their sockets to enter.

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  2. I love your posts!!! I would seriously just take a self cleaning house. Like if toys/clothes/junk were left unattended it would magically float to a logical resting place. Floors that look like they were just put in. Commodes that sparkled.

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