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Well, we’ve logged another 30 days living in this gold house.   Since I last blogged, we’ve done:  absolutely nothing!  Life’s been crazy with Mardi Gras, a six-year-old birthday, soccer, the flu, and real estate.

So, end of blog.  You can stop reading now.

Wait–hang on…I take that back because I did have an epiphany one night that got me rolling on a project that I’m super excited about.

One night I was on my one hundred thousandth visit to Pintrest, surrounded yet again by my bottle of sparkling rose’, and I decided it would be fun to design the dining room, kitchen, study, and living room and tally up how much new furniture I would need.   I want to totally start over.  Thinking about just opening my door one day and putting a note on it that says take anything you want…please.  Take it as quickly as possible, and I might even pay you…

I jumped from Pintrest to to Joss and Main where furniture is cheap because you have to assemble most of it yourself, put a bunch of stuff in my shopping cart–round pedestal dining room table that seats up to eight, new chairs, a settee, a few different consoles, some lamps, velvet curtains, wingback accent chairs, a very french farmhouse kitchen island, some rugs.  I closed my eyes and pressed “check out,” and then I almost threw up.

Holy freaking shit.  (Yall -so sorry-I get carried away when I’m writing so excuse my language…but seriously….)  That was my reaction to the price.  I could probably start a scholarship in my name or make a huge donation to the community or go on a four week safari to Africa or buy a small hut in Africa and live on dirt because I kind of would rather do that….than pay that much for freaking furniture.  Furniture my kids will most likely color on, throw up on, have gymnastics meets on….Sigh.

Screenshot 2018-02-18 17.44.42
At least I was going to get free shipping?

Needless to say, I never checked out, and I haven’t emptied my cart just yet.  Probably should before a kid or animal goes running across my laptop and accidentally places the order.

But, my experience in trying to fund my furniture dream did give me momentum to give the inside a freaking rest and move on outdoors.  So, I’m happy to say that:  This gold house will be hopefully changing to a white house this spring!  I’m looking forward to pulling into the driveway and smiling instead of wincing a bit.  Blog name won’t change because there is still plenty of gold to go round even if the outside gets a makeover.

I’ve been doing some super scientific color research via Pintrest and neighborhood drivebys.  No need to reinvent the wheel, right?  I came across my white color just a few streets down when I asked my neighbor to divulge.

People spend hours looking at color wheels, scratching their heads, trying to pick the perfect white these days.  True story:  I’m sitting in Helm paint picking up a paint roller and this mom of two is going back and forth over about five different shades of white, one kid starts having a complete break down, she picks the kid up and storms out, and leaves the other one.  Yall….the paint color struggle is real.  She left her kid over a paint color!!

Why the torture?  If you go online right now to Sherwin Williams and look at their “white” color palette…you’re going to see two whites, several yellow/creams, a few grays, a pink one–yes, a pink one-and they’re all whites.  I know it’s all about the undertones…but it’s annoying.

The artist in me appreciates the pigments and the little of this and that that makes each color unique and look different when exposed to sunlight.  But, the practical “ain’t got time for that” mom in me says: Give me one white!  Not fifty shades of white.  One white.  One that looks great anywhere, any time of day, sunlight, moonlight, no light…don’t care.

Most designers, like my fantastic mother-in-law, will give you that one color.  Our entire house we just sold in October was Ben Moore’s White Dove.  Loved it.  You can go online and pay a color expert $49 to find you the perfect white.  And, articles like these will narrow down from the fifty shades of white to about 15 or 30.  So, at least that’s semi-helpful?




I’m using a different shade of white for this gold house.  Here’s a quick rendering I did on my phone using a color it yourself app.  Before and after.   It looks horrible…but gives you an idea of what I hope this gal is going to look like soon.  I’m thinking I’m going to lightening up the shutters, throw up a metal-type awning, add some window boxes and give it that chic cottage look.

Screenshot 2018-02-17 20.40.46

Yes? No? Hideous? Don’t do it?  Just do it? Why didn’t you do this right after you bought it??  Any comments/thoughts are appreciated.  Looking for an awning company if you know of one….and also looking for the campaign funds of Huey P. Long’s that are supposedly buried somewhere on Kiskatom Lane (another story for another day).  Maybe when I find that pot of gold, I can get all of my furniture 🙂




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