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Guilty. We did.  We bought a gold house.  One of the neighbors kindly called it a more “mustard” color, but nope…it’s bright gold.  And, I dig it.

Well, let’s just say I love a lot of things about it…like the obvious positives.  If the Saints go to the Super Bowl, I’m just going to hang out some black decorations, and it can easily be transformed into a Who Dat wonderland.  Maybe I can get Drew Brees to come by and autograph the stucco? And, now that Mardi Gras season is here, all I have to do is find purple and green decorations because I’ve got the gold…everywhere…not just on the outside but on the interior walls, too.

I mean, who’s jealous right now?

We affectionately named her the golden nugget, thinking that she might bring us extreme wealth one day…HA! But, we do have a formula when we buy, and hopefully, when we are finished with our plans…if we ever finish… the ole golden nugget will prove to be a nice investment.  At least that thought keeps us going instead on focusing too much on the 35-year- old pipes and our daughters love of toilet paper.  The two are not mixing lately these days.

We looked past all of the solid gold to see the pluses-deep lot on the golf course in Beau Chene, nice square footage, good bones, guts, structure, low sale price per square foot, ability to add square footage and value….and so on.

You ain’t “lion.”  This gal is gold!

There’s the footprint for a great New Orleans style courtyard, a detached garage that is going to be transformed into an outdoor kitchen, a space in the backyard cleared and big enough for a pool, an interior kitchen reno already underway—we just laid Chicago brick on all of the floors, changed out light fixtures, and me, myself, and I painted the GOLD cabinets.  I painted the dining room all white for now…some sort of funky wallpaper is coming soon…. but I have to let my arms and back heal because I think they are still sore from rolling the ceiling and almost falling off the ladder a few times.

You see, we could be your worst home improvement nightmares.  I love to try it myself, but it could go two ways-okay or horrible.  The hubs…if he tries, the result is most always going to be horrible, and he’ll admit that.  So, we have assembled a small gang of professionals to help us from time to time:  Big and little Brian, Howard, Josh Braswell with Vista Construction (some of these people might know yet that they’ve been hired or part of our team…sorry!).

Oh, yes, and I forgot to add there’s a tiny detail I’ve omitted up to this point:  We will have to win the lottery, a huge one, in order to implement all of our mack daddy plans above.  But, a gal can dream, right?  Hence, my role as the painter for now.

So, hopefully, over the next few months and years, we can have everyone over to see the finished project.  I’ll share before and after pics via “This Gold House” as we work on projects.

I named the blog that because not only is it gold, but it’s old… a double bonus…and we could very well encounter some problems that arise during “This Old House” episodes as we go beneath the surface of this bad boy.

I’m hoping it doesn’t take us years, but it could…as the daughter’s soccer schedule was just published and looks like I’m traveling across country for the next several weekends and months.

And, if we get frustrated with some of the structure, my new mantra will be: “I can do all things through furniture.”

I’ve learned that like a mother’s love, furniture/design makes everything better.  This girl can stay gold and old if I have some rocking furniture to hide flaws and draw eyes into the better places.   This gold and old could look and feel like a million bucks or……maybe a few thousand. So, I think there’s hope for us either way with the golden nugget?

I write “This Gold House” for a few reasons:

-To provide some interesting insight and tips from the professionals on home renovations along with funny horror stories.

-To find feedback and advice from my fellow friends and readers.

-To share cool sources of materials, lighting, furniture finds while on my own hunt, especially those that look fantastic but are on the el cheapo side.

-To make you laugh, and feel better about your house, and your capabilities as a handyman.

This blog might come in handy for those people who try to nail a nail into the wall, and right as the hammer hits it, the nail drops to the floor, you can’t find the nail, you have to get off the ladder, you start cussing up a storm, and then you try it again, and the same thing happens…and then you’re so mad you throw the hammer and make a hole in the sheetrock, and then you have to fix that project before going back to what you were even working on in the first place.  Raise your hand if you are guilty.

So, it’s about sharing information and stories, education, and most importantly laughs.  What it really all comes down to in life is that it doesn’t matter what the house looks like, just that it’s full or laughs and love, right?  So, just going on that the golden nugget is absolutely perfect…for now.



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